17th Dogras. An officer’s khaki side cap with badge & buttons, 1922 pattern


The officer’s all khaki side cap would have been worn by an officer of the 17th Dogra Regiment, which was formed in 1922 from several older Dogra regiments. There is old staining to both sides of the cap in the form of splash marks of a dark reddish colour and a few small areas of moth damage. The silver coloured badge of a crowned 17 above a scroll with the word DOGRAS measures 36 x 30 mm and is securely fastened with an old fixing pin. The two small silver mounted buttons bearing the regimental badge in silver coloured metal on a flat brass background are of the type usually found on mess kit waistcoats. This cap has a contemporary label sewn inside M. Ali Mohammed, Civil & Military Tailor, Jullundur. The 1st Battalion was known as The Prince of Wales’s Own.    aug21/1   SOLD 29th September 2023

As is our usual practice we have made no more attempt to clean the cap than to give it a brush: we like to sell our items in an as found condition, leaving cleaning or restoration decisions to the buyer