NEPAL. Parliamentary Papers on the War of 1814-16, original papers of 1817

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[Nepal War] Papers relating to East India Affairs. Origin, Continuance, and Termination of the late War with the State of Nepaul. 

10pp. Disbound from a large volume of unrelated government papers, a clean copy, the last page [a repeat of the title page information] shows the three vertical fold marks where the paper was originally folded. British Parliamentary Paper [2]. This is the only parliamentary paper on the Nepal War. Included in the paper is a Declaration of November 1st 1814 from J Adam, Secretary to the Government, at Lahore giving the reasons for the British action against Nepal and its course. The text of the Treaty concluded after the war is also included. Scarce: parliamentary papers from the reign of George III are not easy to find.                        jan12/1

Following years of cross border raids into British territory the war broke out in November 1814. Despite initially ending in a treasty signed in april 1815 further trouble ensued and an expedition was sent under Major General Sir David Ochterlony and after two battles the Raja of Nepal sued for peace after which Prince Jung Bahadoor opened an embassy in London. As well as the Nepaul bar awarded on the Army of India Medal the East India Company struck a handsome silver medal for ward to native troops who had shown particular bravery. As Major Gordon says in British Battles and Medals:   The Nepaulese remained loyal during the Mutiny and since then the bravery and decotion of the Gurkhas has never failed to earn the admiration of all. 

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