33rd Foot. Officers’ Mess rable spoons from the reigns of George III & George IV.


Two examples of mess silver of the 33rd Regiment of Foot, which later became the 1st Battalion of the Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment. The spoon on the left is of fiddle, thread, and shell pattern and is hallmarked London 1812 and weighs 70 gm. It is engraved with the regimental number 33 within a wreath of immortelles. The one on the right is of hourglass pattern and is hallmarked London 1826 and weighs 92 gm. This spoon has the 33 in a much smaller wreath. The spoons are both heavily used and have been heavily polished over their many years of use in the mess both at home and on various campaigns. The later spoon may have been used in dinners celebrating victories such as Waterloo and earlier one could have even been there. It was made it the year that the regiment returned from overseas service briefly before fighting Napoleon’s army in the Low Countries. In the 19th century spoons of this size were widely used for eating soups and the ragouts which were so popular.  feb9/2

The price here is for each spoon and at the moment we are able to offer other examples should anyone wish to have a pair or more.

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