9th Bengal Cavalry, Hodson’s Horse. An unusual porcelain disc with regimental device.


A rather mysterious, but interesting, little survival. The white porcelain disc measures 55mm in diameter and is approximately 4mm thick. The disc is centred withthe  roman numerals IX for 9 within a garter belt with title BENGAL CAVALRY. The 9th Bengal Lancers was Hodson’s Horse. This is the sort of device which would have appeared on mess crockery. The fact that it is glazed all over precludes its having been cut from a plate and our best guess is that it was perhaps a supplier’s sample to show how it would appear on a service of crockery. The central numerals have traces of gilding. The regiment only used this title from 1861 to 1886 and that would fit with the style of porcelain.

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