A one inch map of Calcutta, Hooghly, Howrah, etc. surveyed in 1919-20


HOOGHLY,  HOWRAH, 24 PARGANNAS DISTRICTS AND CALCUTTA PRESIDENCY TOWN. Surveyed 1919-20,  Sheet 79 B/6 3rd Edition.  Survey of India [Calcutta]

A very clean, coloured, folded map on a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile, measuring 26½ x 19½ ins  unfolded and folding down to 6½ x 5 ins but folding at the moment leaving the printed side outwards/ Excellemt condition with just a tiny pin hole at the central intersecting point of folds and a little paper curling at extreme edges. A marvellously detailed map, naming many locations, roads, buildings, etc in Calcutta. The map usefully extends up river as far as Serampore and from Chanditala in the west to Barasat in the east. To the south it extends as far as Tollygunge in the southern part of Alipore. aug2/2

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