An Artillery General’s account of military life in India, Afghanistam and elsewhere

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Adye, General Sir John, G.C.B.: Recollections of a Military Life. Smith Elder [London] 1895 1st edition 8vo.

3 full page plans [Alma, Sebastopol, & Inkerman], 12 plates, 9 illustrations in text (sketch maps, plans, etc) x, 382pp, 6pp ads. Original blue cloth gilt, corners bumped, foxing / offsetting to title page but generally a good copy. Armorial bookplate Llysnewydd [a large estate in Carmarthenshire]. There is a short general chapter on the Mutiny of 1857 and another on Causes of the Mutiny, and policy of Lord Canning (25pp). There is also a chapter on the Bhutan War of 1865 (with a sketch map) and several on other aspects of military affairs in India, Afghanistan, and South Africa.      aug20/2

General Sir John Miller Adye [1819-1900]: Extracts from Hart’s Army List 1891 reveal his long service: Sir John Miller Adye served in the Eastern campaign of 1954-55 as Asst. Adjt. General of Royal Artillery… battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, capture of Balaklava Castle and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with four Clasps, C.B., Commnader of the Lefion of Honor. 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).  Served in India in 1857-58 as Asst Adjt. General of Royal Artillery and was present at the action pf Pandoo Nuddee 26th Nov., operations before Cawnpore under General Windham. 27th-28th and 29th Nov., battle of Cawnpore and defeat of the Gwalior Contingent 6th Dec. 1857 (three times mentioned in despatches, Medal). E,ploued on special service with the expedition of 1863 against the tribes on the North-West Frontier of India, and was present at the storm of Laloo. ca[tire of Umbeylah, and destruction of Mulkah (Medal with Clasp)…. Later he was Governor of Woolwich, served as chief of staff to Lord Wolseley in the Egyptian campaign 1882, Governor of Malta 1883-6, G.C.B. 1882.

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