Bombay Army List 1843 showing the army at the close of the Scinde campaign.


Quarterly List of Her Majesty’s and The Honorable Company’s Troops on the Bombay Establishment, Corrected to August 1843. Courier Press [Bombay].  1843 8vo

83pp Army List, xi Index, 64pp General Orders. Late 20th century quarter blue leather gilt over blue cloth [bound by Brignell Book binders Cambridge], most of original printed paper covers to endpapers, pages 1 to 8 have had an old stamp removed from the central area and replaced with plain paper and the last 8 pages of the General Orders have the lower outer corner repaired with some loss of text, otherwise the text block is exceptionally clean for a reference work of this age. The Queen’s regiments listed in this issue are: 14th Lt. Dgns., 2nd, 17th, 22nd, 29th, 78th & 86th infantry. Details of the Bombay regiments include their station or where on service, and uniform facings. Some regiments are shown on service on Scinde where the military campaign had taken place in the first half of 1843.     may24/3   SOLD 24th May 2023