Delhi Durbar 1903. Folding plan of the Bengal Camp.


J. Strachey, Major, Private Secretary to H. H. the Lieut. Gov. of Bengal: IMPERIAL CORONATION DURBAR. DELHI, 1903. Camp of His Honour the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. 18th December 1902.           dec18/2      SOLD 13th September 2022

The plan, on a scale of 120 feet to 1 inch, measures 17 x 14½ ins and folds down to 7½ x 6 ins. It shows the layout of the camp in great detail with identification of all the locations and resources printed on it and the list of the occupants and the Staff printed at the right side with a small scale plan beneath, showing the location of the Bengal Camp within the Central Camp area. We have not encountered this plan before and the degree of detail on it suggests it was possibly produced for use by officials rather than visitors. dec18dec/2