Delhi Durbar 1903. Large scale plan of the Central Camp


CENTRAL CAMP. Coronation Durbar Delhi 1903. Q.M.G. Photozincographed at the Survey of India Offices [Calcutta] Nov. 1902.

A 14 x 21½ ins printed plan on a scale of 6 miles to 1 inch showing the arrangement of tented camps, stabling, etc in detail. One of our secondary illustrations is chosen to show the huge size of the Viceroy’s Camp, another shows a variety of camps from Residents of Mysore & Baroda to Muscat and the Agent to the Governor General in Baluchistan. Other camps identified include: Panjab [ Punjab ], Police, Native Press, Consuls and Press, L.G.G. Bengal, L.G.G. Bombay, L.G.G. Madras, Commander in Chuef, L.G. U.P. Agra & Oudh, A.G.G. Biluchistan, L.G. Burma. N.W. Frontier, Resudent Hyderabad, Resident Baroda, Central Post Office, Imperial Cadet Corps, Electric Light Camp, Viceroy;s Body Guard, Bombay Bpdy Guard, Central Telegraph Office, European Veterans, Native Veterans, Although this is the same plan as is included in the pocket of The Coronation Durbar Dewlhi 1903 Offcial Directory with Maps it has fewer folds, being 7½ x 5¾ when folded, so must have been used elsewhere.   A scarce and usefil plan.       dec19/3     SOLD 13th September 2022