Delhi Durbar 1903. The Imperial Cadet Corps


A full plate, 11¼ x 8  ins photograph showing the Imperial Cadet Corps drawn up on their horses. The photograph is somewhat faded but the startling contrast of their white uniform and black horses emphasises this. The three officers in front are, viewed from the left, Major W. A. Watson, Commandant, General H. H. Sir Pratap Singh, Maharaja of Idar, Honorary Commandant, Captain D. H. Cameron, Adjutant. The alsways fierce looking Major Watson and Capt. Cameron were both on secondment from the Central India Horse to what was then the very newly formed royal bodyguards, At this time the cadets on view here included five ruling princes [Jodhpur, Kishengarh, Jaora, Rutlam, and Dholpur], the rest being sons of rulers. By the time of the 1911 Durbar when the Corps escorted the King Emperor their strength had risen to well over thirty. One of our illustrations shows the composition of the Corps at the 1903 Durbar.   sep21/1

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