Delhi Durbar 1911. An official invitation to the Garden Party in the Red Fort


The invitation, 7 x 5 ins, is on cream card with the Royal and Imperial cypher  GRI embossed in gilt at the head and is in pristine, clean condition. It invites Mr A Cooke to an Afternoon Party to be held in the Delhi Fort on the 13th December 1911 at 3p.m. Bizarrely for such an important and minutely planned event the printers had put the wrong day of the week on the card. This event in the Red Fort / Lal Qila the day after the Durbar itself was quite large but invitations would have been highly prized. This day also saw the reception of Volunteer and Indian Officers by the King in the morning and a dinner party given by the King & Queen in the evening. While the garden party was held in the grounds of the fort a large fête for the ordinary people was held outside its walls.      nov26/1

The Offical Directory for the Durbar shows a Mr C. A. Cooke, Executive Engineer in the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway Camp.

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