Delhi Durbar 1911,. The Transfer of the Capital from Calcutta to Delhi


Speech of His Imperial Majesty the King-Emperor at the Durbar.   A large folio sheet [13½ x 8½ ins] printed on both sides beneath an imperial crown giving the King’s speech followed by Announcement by His Imperial Majesty in which the King notes that after consultation with the Governor General that We have decided upon the transfer of the Seat of the Government of India from Calcutta to the ancient Capital of Delhi, at the same time creating a new Lieutenant Governorship of Bengal and  a Chief Commisionership of Assam. The other side of the sheet has a long speech by the Viceroy & Governor General, Lord Hardinge of Penshurst. No doubt this sheet was produced in large numbers but it is unlikely that very many will have survived. The sheet has folds and one tiny pin hole at an intersection,  The transfer of the capital was in some ways the most dramatic change in Anglo-Indian history as any since the transfer of power from the East India Company to the Crown following the Indian Mutiny. It was a remarkably well kept secret that came as a total shock even to very high officials, especially in Calcutta which was to host the Royal Party when it moved there for Christmas and New Year. jun7/2     SOLD 11th August 2022