Delicately carved Asian coconut with lid and stand, 19th century


A very good example of a lidded coconut cup, in this case carved with intricate piercing making its excellent condition the more remarkable. The overall height with lid is approximately 10 inches and the diameter of the coconut 5 inches. It has been re-glued to the stand at some point in its history and there is one surface crack extending from the centre by the stand but not reaching the pierced part of the cup. We have not noticed any damage to the carving. The body includes several female figures, a warrior, a lobster, a strange part elephant part bird, gods, fish, and animals. This is outside our usual range of expertise so we hope the images tell its story. Reflecting on this unusual item the marked difference in style of the base from the cup and lid makes one wonder if they are of different manufacture.  feb16/3

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