Duke of Wellinton’s Regt. Officers of the 4th Battalion just before WWI


A group photograph, 11 x 8¼ ins by Elliott & Fry 55 Baker Street, W. double mounted on their card and signed in pencil on the margin of the photograph. The photograph shows 17 officers of the Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment in dress uniform, some wearing medals. They are identified on a separate, later, card window mount and named as  Goldthorpe, Waller, Mowatt, Riley, Sykes, Richardson, Helliwell, Learoyd, Fleming, Sutcliffe, Milligan, Walker, Sugden, Chambers, Atkinson, Stanton, & Kirby.  The mount dates the photograph to 1911 but we believe it is perhaps a couple of years later.     oct12/5  SOLD 16th February 2023