Embossed regimental badge on card- one example of several available


6th Bengal Light Infantry. The badge embossed in blue on cut card [approx 30 x 26mm] is of the type that was often cut from cards, menus, etc and collected in albums. Publishers also produced some cards of these especially for collectors. At the moment we have several others of similar size in varying colours, some like this with Victorian crown, others a little later. These are especially useful in helping to display regimental items such as buttons, badges , and photographs. Others available at the moment, each at £4, are: Deoli Regt, 40th Pathans, 15th Sikhs, 53rd Punjabis, 6th Bombay Cavalry, 3rd Belooch Regt, 10th Lancers (Hodson’s Horse), 106th Hazara Pioneers, Bombay Rifles, 26th Bombay Infantry, 47th Sikhs, 55th Frontier Force (Coke’s Rifles), Indian Medical Service, 6th Bengal Light Infantry, BC Scinde, 1st madras Lancers, Bengal Lancers [B L with crossed lances].   M8 SOLD 30th March 2020