Ensign Andrew Stevenson, 42nd Black Watch, cdv of circa 1870 SOLD 12 th August 2021


An excellent example of portrait of a Highland officer in full dress wearing plaid, bonnet and basket hilted sword  . Identified in a comtemporary hand on the


back of the card.The care de visite by Southwell Brothers, Photographers Royal, 22 Baker Street, Portman Sqe. London W. shows the officer shortly aft  was commissioned into the Black Watch in 1869.

Hart’s Army List 1888 records his service: Lt Colonel Stevenson served as Adjutant of the   42nd Highlanders throughout the second phase of the Ashanti w in 1874, and was present at the battle of Amonful  wouded slightly), capture and destruction of Becquah, battle of Ordahan and capture of Coomassie (twice mentioned in despatches (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Soudan Expedition in 1884 with the 1st Battalion Black Watch, and was present in the engagement at Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive’s Star). Served in the Niles  Expedition  in 1884-85     with the 1st Battalion of the Black Watrch, took part with the River Column under Major 

General Earle, and was present in the engagement at Kirbekan (mentioned in despatches, Brevet    of  Lt. Co.   .