General Sir Peter Lumsden, G.C.B., C.S.I., A.D.C. An album of newspaper cuttings 1880-1900


An old half leather bound album, gilt blocked to upper board NEWS CUTTINGSboth boards detached and worn and the spine lacking. Despite the dilapidated binding the album has no pages missing and offers over 100 pages of cuttings reflecting Lumsden’s wide interests but especially concentrating on aspects connected with his long Indian Army career and his military connections. unusually for this sort of book the general has provided an index at the front. Glancing through the fascinating book reveals cuttings, often quite lengthy concerning: Las Bela [1 page], Russia’s Position on the Oxus [1 page], New Overland Trade between India and Russia, Dry Fly Fishing [1 page with illustrations], Khyber Railway and the Kabul Position, State Socialism in Germany [3 pages], Death of Lord Napier of Magdala [18 pages – Lumsden was very much a protégé of Napier and was one of the coffin bearers at his funeral in St Paul’s], The Lushai and the Chins, Sir Frederick Roberts’ speech to troops at Muridki, The Great Siberian Railway [1½ pages], Sir Charles Macgregor [1 page], Temperature Observations on the Pamirs [1 page], The Capture of Mayun Feb 1892, Death of Dr John Murray [1 page], Hunza Nagar Expedition storming of Nilt [3 pages], Amir Abdul Rahman on the Russians as Friends or Enemies [2 pages]. There are very few illustrations included apart from two pages of national flags and a few pages of biographies with portraits of naval officers. A fascinating mine of information for anyone studying Sir Peter Lumsden, Indian military history, Lord Napier of Magdala, or Aberdeenshire.         jan15/3

Provenance: The album came to us with a large archive of documents and photographs which had passed from Sir Peter Lunsden through a branch of the family descended from his bother, General Sir Harry Lumsden. Sir Peter & Lady Lumsden had no children. Other documents and photographs from this archive wil be found elsewhere on the website and a few remain to be listed.

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