General Sir Peter Lumsden’s record of service, 1868


Written in a secretarial hand on eleven sides of folio paper watermarked 1866, the first two pages are a copy of Lumsden’s letter of application for the post of Quarter Master General, dated in his own hand 28th February 1868 and leaving space for his signature. The remaining nine sides, also in a secretarial hand but with numerous crossings out, amendments and additions in Lumsden’s own hand in both ink and pencil, are headed Army and Departmental Services of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel and Major P S Lumsden, Deputy Quarter Master General, Bengal Army [Staff Corps  added in pencil]. Some of his earliest service noted is the surveying and reporting on the country between Ramnugger and Jummoo. On this report the site of Sealkote Cantonment was selected. He also mentions his service with Sir Charles Napier and Sir Henry Lawrence and under Brigadier General Sir Colin Campbell against the Momunds on the Doaba Frontier, present at action of Punjpao 15 April 1852, mentioned in despatches. He outlines his further services and mentions campaigns in the early 1850s against the Hussein Khel Affreedies, Bussikhel tribes and others. The pages are fastened by thread and the last one is glued to an old album sheet with the loss of the last few lines of the twelfth and final page.    may14/1

The carte de visite of Lumsden shown here is not included with this item but the image can be sent by email if required. It was also in the archive.

Provenance: This document was contained in a large album which came to us in a consider

able archive of material put together by General Sir Peter Stark Lumsden, G.C.B., C.S.I., A.D.C. and handed down through family descendants.

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