GWALIOR and RAMPUR, An Album of the visit of the Nawab to Gwalior with good photos of a tiger hunting party with the Maharaja of Dholpur


An oblong quarto album, approx. 14 x 11 ins, of events during a visit by the Nawab of Rampur to the Maharaja of Gwalior, late 1930s/early 1940s. There are 24 card leaves each with photographs to both sides. Many are one photograph to a page but some with two and in a couple of cases three. There are 11 x 8 ins images of the princes riding and of a hunting party with the Maharaja of Dholpur in the centre [very small tear to lower edge]  but most of the single photos are about 8 x 6ins. Some are pasted to the page but others are loose in the corner mounts. They are all or most by R L Desai,  a Gwalior professional photographer. The album begins with a portrait of the Nawab of Rampur, then his reception at the station, inspection of troops, arrival at the palace, the Nawab’s party with his host and the Maharaja of Dholpur. Tiger shooting from elephants [6  large and 6 smaller], ceremonial receptions, speeches, tea parties, a group of six princes, a good group of Scindia with his Sirdars, 8 photos of Maharaja Scindia mounting his horse and riding, 3 photos of the Maharaja’s horse with uniformed syce two signed in the negative Y Sadashiv. The album itself is a rather anonymous commercial album typical of those used for smaller, private occasions. The photographs are in very good condition.    Jun5/2       SOLD 17th september 2020     19