H H Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh of Idar, sometime Regent of Jodhpur , c 1911


Coloured postcard portrait of Sir Pratap Singh [sometimes called Sir Pertab Singh]. This good example shows the soldier ruler wearing the badge of his GCSI which he was awarded in 1897 to mark Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee, the gold medal of which he also wears. He also sports the ribbon from the sash of the Most Exalted Star of India around his turban. The postcard, which was printed in Germany, has not been used postally but there is a contemporary account of experiences in India from Bert to his parents. He is probably a  soldier and remarks of Sir Pratap This is picture of one of the Rajahs who stayed with the King at the Coronation and followed him out here. He is a fie looking chap.             apr11/1    SOLD 22nd May 2022