John Lawrence. A private letter of 1862 about Major Peter Lumsden’s service and suitability as a husband


A manuscript letter in his own hand, signed John Lawrence and dated Southgate, 12th Sept 1862 addressed to Mrs Marriott concerning her daughter’s being emotionally engaged to Major Lumsden [later General Sir Peter Lumsden]. Lawrence, at this time on leave in England from his period as Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, gives his whole hearted reassurance about Lumsden’s suitability as a husband and remarks of the three Lumsden brothers: His father was an old friend of my brother [Sir Henry Lawrence] and three of their sons Henry, William & Peter all served in the Punjab with us. Wm. a remarkably fine young soldier was killed in one of the battles near Delhi. Henry is one of the most distinguished and best soldiers in India. Peter, to whom your daughter is engaged, is also an excellent soldier, & for his age and opportunities, a very distinguished one.

The letter is written on three sides of a small sheet of folded writing paper and is attached by the blank half of a final page to part of an old card album page. There are the usual folds where it has been sent in typically small envelope.    juk8/3

Provenance:  From an old archive of material put together by General Sir Peter Stark Lumsden, G.C.B., C,S,I,, A.D.C.

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