KASHMIR. A printed address to Mr Stuart Fraser, C.S.I., C.I.E. I.C.S. on the occasion of his leaving his post as Resident in Kashmir, 1913


The locally printed address [P Vishi Nath & Sons, Srinagar] addressed My Lord records some of the actions of Fraser as Resident which were especially admired by the Maharaja’s subjects. These 8 events include the grant of a G.C.I.E. to the Maharaja and other honours to the Diwan, &c. They also note improvements in the Judicial Department, sanitation, extension of Electric Light, and the Resident’s improvement to the lot of animals. An unusual ephemeral survival.   There is minor damage and a little loss at the corners and and a tear without loss at the top of the vertical fold mark.                     jun21/1        SOLD 25th January 2022

Stuart Mitford Fraser [1864-1963] entered the ICS in 1882, serving first as Tutor to the Maharajas of Kolhapur & Bhavnagar and later as guardian to the Maharaja of Mysore. After negotiating the Anglo-Tibetan Convention in 1904 he became Resident at Mysore. Following his service in that office in Kashmir he became Resident at Hyderabad. He was knighted K.C.S.I. in 1919.