KUT AL AMARAH. An official Survey of India folding map dating from 1915/16, the year of the start of the great WWI battle there.


KUT AL AMARAH. Turkey in Asia (Rough Provisional Issue – 2nd Edition). Degree sheet No 2.H. Scale 4 Miles to 1 inch. Survey of India [Calcutta] 1915.

The 17½ x 22½ ins map folds down in 16 plates to a size of 8¾ x 4½ ins with original printed card endpapers. The map itself, marked at the top in red For official use only, is on paper with a couple of small holes at intersections. It is clearly designed for operational use, being very uncluttered and with emphasis on communications with Roads passable for wheeled vehicles marked in red. The map has a rather indistinct contemporary signature of an Army Service Corps officer in pencil at the  top of the title endpaper and there are a series of neat pencil marks along a route from Kut north sestwards to Aziziyeh  at one point with a note a bad & rough road, very sandy…. A very unusual survival. sep18/1   sep17/2

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