LANSDOWNE. Manuscript letter to H H the Begum of Bhopal, 1888


A manuscript letter written in palace script in a secretarial hand on three sides of a bifolium, watermarked Joynson Superior embossed with the Viceroy’s royal arms in gold and addressed to Her Highness Nawab Shah Jahan Begam G.C.S.I., C.I. dated Fort William The 29th December 1888 and signed Lansdowne .   In a much fuller form than the usual letter from a Viceroy announcing to a Ruler his arrival in office Lord Lansdowne goes to particulars lengths to mention the loyalty of the Bhopal State and says, “It is my earnest desire that the friendly relations which have so long existed between your State and the British Government may, during my tenure of office, be preserved and strengthened.” The Lansdownes did indeed go on to have particularly cordial relations with the Begum. There are small closed tears to the fore-edge of the usual central horizontal fold of the document and there is Persian letter tipped to the folded margin.  apr18/7

SOLD     20th November 2020   11