Lord Curzon. A very significant letter written as Viceroy to a departing A.G.G.


A detailed letter of congratulation written by the Viceroy Lord Curzon on all four sides of offical 8 x 5 ins black edged viceregal paper embossed in black with the royal arms and Government House Calcutta dated March 1902 to Dear Colonel Wyllie. The letter, signed Curzon, thanks Colonel Wyllie for his service as Agent to the Governor General in Rajputana, noting that he will be much missed, both by the Govt of India and by the Chiefs in Rajputana where you had made yourself so useful to the former and had so greatly endeared yourself to the latter. Still, when the Sec of State telegraphed to me his desire to offer you the post of Political ADC or whatever it is called at home, I could not but feel that you possessed such exceptional qualifications for the post that I would be wrong not to release you.                  nov17/7    SOLD 5th July 2022

Colonel William Hutt Curzon Wyllie  [1848 1909], later Sir William, served in the Indian Army from 1866 serving in Baluchistan and the 2nd Afghan War, and was Military Secretary to the Governor of Madras. Moving into the Political Department as Resident to Nepal he rose to be AGG in Rajputana. He was assassinated by an Indian revolutionary in London in July 1909.