Lord Perth’s Loyal Forresters, open backed, silver plated 10mm button


A puzzling little open backed button described on a garter as LORD PERTH’S LOYAL FORRESTERS around a crest of what may be a talbot with the Drummond motto GANG WARILY [Go carefully]. I have not been able to identify the wearers of this small 10mm silver plated button, The open backed button seems to have traces of a backmark but it is hard to read. There is some evidence of the underlying copper on the edge of the button. There are examples of early local militia groups being called forresters but we  have not seen this one. The history of the family of Drummond, Earls of Perth, is long and complicated, running to 14 pages Burke’s Landed Gentry Vol 1 2001, the latest volume we have.  jul1/2   SOLD 6th July 2024