Major Collins’ daughter on the voyage to India


An amateur drawing with some colour showing a very young girl in a bunk on board a ship bound for India it measures 8 x 4½ ins with rounded corners and on card pasted to part of an old scrap album leaf, some irregular staining. It is titled on the blanket Sibelena in the “Stewits Bed”. Beneath the bed are three pieces of luggage each labelled each marked with initials M.A.C.. The identity of the family becomes a it clearer from the simple watercolour on the reverse, 7¼ x 3½ ins with rounded corners. This shows a bungalow of a style often seen in north-eastern India. A notice at the left end reads helpfully Major Collins. A study of lists around 1860-80 could well come up with the officer.  apr26/1

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