Major Henry Macdonald, Bengal Staff Corps, Commandant, Fort Michnee. His final commission


The printed commission document with manuscript insertions appointing Henry Macdonald of the Bengal Staff Corps to be a major. It bears the usual blind stamped paper seals and duty stamps and is signed George [Field Marshal H RH Prince George, Duke of Cambridge, Commander in Chief]. Sound condition with the usual three vertical folds. A near contemporary note iin pencil on the folded document adds beneath his name Commandant Fort Michnee. This was Macdonald’s final commission as he was killed three years later. Henry Macdonald of Sandside in Caithness, served in the Mutiny (awarded the medal with two clasps). He was a surviving officer of the former 19th Bengal Native Infantry which had mutinied at Berhampore. In 1859 he was serving as Adjutant at Dehra Doon. He was hacked to death in 1873 by Mohmand Afridis while serving as commandant of Fort Michnee and was buried at Peshawar.       sep9/1

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