Members of No 10 Company of the 78th Highlanders, late 1860s


An unusual vintage group photograph of roughly carte de visite size. 3¾ x 2½ ins, mounted on a piece of old card with the Highlanders identified on the verso as Capt. Browne, Lieutenant Richardson, Ensign James, & Foulis, McCourt, Macfarlane, Borthwick, and Sharpe. They are identified as being All No 10 Company and are members of the 78th Highlanders, the Ross-shire Buffs [after 1881 becoming a battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders].       may26/2

Captain William Henry S. M. Browne  . His service i the Indian Mutiny is recorded in Hart’s Army List 1861 – Lieut. Browne served under Gen. Windham when Cawnpore was attacked by the Gwalior Mutieers in Nov. 1857; subsequently with Outram’s force at Alumbagh, including the repulse of numerous attacks and operations ending in the final capture of Lucknow; also the campaign in Rohilkund and capture of Bareilly (Medal and Clasp).

Lieutenant Jas. Tho. S Richardson was commissioed ensign in the regiment in April 1858.

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