Mogul Order of the Fish.


The order, given for military valour, consists of two parts. The neck badge comprises a six pointed star linked below by a floral crescent, suspended by a ring from a fish fastened to a loop through which a ribbon would have passed. The breast badge comprises a ten pointed star of slightly domed form with a pin fixing to the reverse. Both pieces are decorated with studs in the manner of cut steel jewellery but the material from which both are made of a white metal with the appearance and feel of silver. There is little information available on this unusual order which is recorded as being instituted by the Mogul Emperor Shah Allam in 1804. Its Mogul name is given in Berry & Glover’s “Encyclopaedia Heraldica” of 1828 as being Mahi Moratid [ot Moratiel as some other reseources of the period call it]. Mahi is the Persian word for fish and Moratid means dignity. The order is first recorded as being presented to the British General Lord Lake in Delhi in 1804 by the blind Mogul Emperor Shah Allam who had been a puppet of the Mahrattas until Lake defeated them.

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