Mountbatten interest. A signed letter from Edwina Countess Mountbatten 1959


A typed letter ona a single sheet of printed writing paper from Prime Minister’s House, New Delhi dated February 15, 1959 addressed to Shri S. N. Swamy with hand written greeting and signature Edwina Mountbatten of Burma.  The Countess, who was staying with Nehru, writes to say that she is not able to visit the artist in Mysore and adds that  Panditji …showed me a very excellent drawing which you had done of my husband some time ago and which I was delighted to see. Also the charming drawing on your letter and the picture enclosed. There is a single original horizontal fold and small tears top and bottom without loss where it has perhaps been carelessly removed from the envelope.  jun6/3

Padmashree S. N. Swamy [1911-1963] was a distinguished arstist, particularly known for his pencil sketches of international figures.

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