Qutb Minar, Mehrauli, Delhi. A small mid 19th cetury miniature


The small 35 x 28 mm miniature dates from the mid 19th century when these finely executed minatures on ivory became popular mementos of their time in India with Company and later British officials and military people leaving the service or sending them home to relatives. It has been broken and repaired [best seen from the verso]. This could be dome better but the fact that it was still kept in a contempory brass mount behind a bevelled glass shows how these jewel like items were treasured. It was probably originally fitted in a wooden frame with others, or perhaps in a box lid or a brooch. mar27/1

The early 13th century Victory Tower is the centrepiece of a World Heritage Site in the Mehrauli district of New Delhi and remains one of the most impressive structures remaining from the old kingdoms of Delhi.

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