Rifle Volunteers. Four variants of the North York Volunteers.


These four variations of the Victorian NORTH YORK VOLUNTEERS buttons are from my private collection, mainly put together in the 1960s and 70s. I am in the process of reducing the collection to certain areas of the large county and will be offering these individually shortly along with others as time permits.      July 30th                                        Each button is approximately 23mm with the same design of the regimental title in a circle around a Victorian crown above a strung bugle with a central Yorkshire rose.  None of these buttons has been cleaned since acquisition.          Top left: An officer’s example in silver plate, the background to the title with a textured finish, the remainder plain. Backmark: STILLWELL & Co. 25 BARBICAN LONDON.           SOLD 10th August 2021

Top right: An other ranks blackened example, the whole background textured. Backmark: G.F. BULLIVANT BIRMINGHAM.                        £15                                                                                                                                   Lower left:   As top right but with a lighter finish                          £15                                                                               Lower right: AN other ranks button in white metal with the same finish as the officer’s above. Backmark: J. & B. PEARSE.   £16



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