RIPON. A letter from Lord Ripon to Sir Peter Lumsden just before he became Viceroy in 1880


A short letter on a single small sheet of writing paper, embossed in red 1, Carlton Gardens S.W. dated 3rd May 1880 asking Sir Peter Lumsden to call on him the following day as he wanted the benefit of consulting you upon various Indian questions before I go out to that country. The letter is written in his own hand and signed Ripon. Lord Ripon, later the 1st Marquess, was to take over the position of Viceroy of India from Lord Lytton just a month or so after this invitation and the most pressing matter he would face there was that of Afghanistan – a subject on which Lumsden had considerable experience. What might at first sight seem an insignificant note has importance in showing a little of the background to the making of international decisions of the day.   mar4/3   SOLD 18th March 2023

Provenance: From a large archive of material put together by General Sir Peter Lumsden, G.C.B., C.S.I. which was passed down through a descendant of his brother, General Sir Harry Lumsden. Sir Peter & Lady Lumsden did not have children.