Robert, 1st Baron Clive: a fine engraving of 1833


Clive of India [1725 – 1774] is shown three quarter length in uniform and is described on the print as being  From the original in Government House, Calcutta and as being Drawn by Miss Jane Drummond and engraved by W. T. Mote. The  overall size of the sheet is 19½ x 14 ins with wide borders outside the plate marks and the portrait itself is 5 x 4 ins. This very good engraving was published in 1833 by Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall East and would frame attractively.  sep11/3       SOLD   14th September 2021

Robert, 1st Baron Clive of Plassey ]1725-1774] was the first Governor of Bengal 1758-60 & 1765-67. Unusually for a military commander he had arrived in Madras in 1744 as a Writer in the East India Company’s service and only entered the military in 1748. Despite the many military successes and considerable reforms of malpractice his reputation was tarnished by the prevalent corruption of which he took advantage.