RUSSIA. Grand Duchess Constantine Constantinovich & family


Russian Royal Family. Two original group photographs showing Grand Duchess Constantine, one with five children and the other a large family group. The two photographs are mounted on card and tipped to an old 13½ x 10½ ins page from an Edwardian album. The group portrait of the Grand Duchess with five children measures 4½ x 3¾ ins and is faded to the left side. The other, titled The Russian Royal Family on the album card, is oval and measures 5 x 3 ins and shows in fact the Hesse family. Interestingly the young boy at the front is wearing a kilt and sporran. This makes one wonder whether this photograph was possibly taken in Britain as the Hesse, Russian and British Royal Families were closely related. jul19/3    SOLD 26th Juky 2022