Sir Clendon Daukes. Indian Political Officer who served in the NWF and Nepal


Daukes, Elizabeth: Clendon Daukes, Servant of Empire. Hodder and Stoughton [London] 1951 1st edition 8vo

Maps to endpapers [East Persia & north West Frontier, Nepal & North East India], frontispiece portrait, 255pp. Original blue cloth gilt in excellent condition and retaining protected dust wrapper [minor repairs to head and foot of spine paper. Born in 1879 Daukes was heading for India as a subaltern in the York and Lancaster Regiment as the Boer War broke out but his battalion carried on to the east where his career waas to be spent. He was to spend most of his career in the Indian Political Service – Karachi, Gilgit, Quetta, and most importantly Nepal.   jan21/1