Sir Malcolm Hailey, K.C.S.I., Governor of the Punjab


A small photograph, 3¾ x 3 ins from the 1920s showing Sir Malcolm Hailey with Sir A Barnes on a card leaf from a dismantled old album.  They both wear the dress uniform of a high ranking ICS officer. Both were Commissioners of Delhi between 1912 -20 and this photogrpah is probably taken at Lahore when Sir Malcolm was taking over as Governor of the Punjab. The reverse of the card has two photographs showing Sir Malcolm and his wife on a shooting trip. The more decorated officer in the picture is Sir George Stapylton Barnes, KC.B.,K.C.S.I.     oct31/3

Sir William Malcolm Hailey who rose to become Chief Commissioner of Delhi [1914], Governor of the Punjab [1924], and Governor of the United Provinces [1928]. In 1934 he left the U.P., taking his first leave outside India, being raised to the Peerage in 1936, advising the home government on India affairs. [see Dictionary of National Biography 1961-1970].

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