Smaller size numbered buttons 1855-81 priced at £10-£12 each


The tunic buttons are approximately 18-20mm each in diameter and each is liested separately below. In almost all cases we have only one example of each. These were used from the Crimean War period until the reforms of 1881 when the numbering system was abolished. Although the larger sized buttons are more popular and more expensive there were far fewer of the smaller size on the average tunic. The brass buttons were usually worn by non commissioned officers as the soldiers wore general service buttons.          Postage on any number of these buttons from one to six is £1.50 in the UK and from £4 to £5 for overseas countries.      mar8/1

2nd Foot. Queen’s Royal Regiment, later the West Surrey Regt,   officer’s gilt. Pitt & Co          £10

5th Foot Northumberland Fusiliers [Roman numeral V  officer’s worn gilt    Pitt & Co              £10

9th Foot East Norfolk Regt.  Brass  Firmins Ld.                                                                           £10

11th Foot North Devon Regt .   officer’s gilt.    Jennens &Co     SOLD 27th May 2021

12th Foot  East Suffolk Regt      brass   Firmins Ld                                                                       £10

13th  Foot 1st Somersetshire Regt, Prince Alberts Light Infantry. brass no backmark                  £10

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