How to buy

We do not offer the facility to buy directly via the website but offer a very personal service to those who get in touch. The CONTACT page offers a quick and convenient way of  doing this.

On this website you can view some of the items currently in stock and contact Jeffery Bates for further information or to arrange purchase. Payment can be made by UK cheque, bank transfer, or PayPal for orders up to £100.  There is now a facility on the website which offers you the chance to select images of items we have sold in the past or which we have not yet put on sale. Many of these are rare images and, whilst the copyright remains with Bates and Hindmarch, we are happy for scholars, authors, institutions, collectors and others to use or reproduce these provided they notify us and grant the usual courtesy of acknowledging the source in any publication, whether in print or on line. The illustrations are not copied here to the highest publishing standards so that the resolution does not unduly slow down navigation of the site. This means that the original photographs will always be superior in quality to the images on the website. Sometimes we show details of a photograph but one of the images will usually show the whole. FOR PERSONAL ATTENTION please e-mail or telephone 07966 176839or +44 1242 573767.   Please note that although both telephones suggest leving messages I do not use answerphone facilities but will always respond to a text, e mail or [what a rarity] a letter.