15th Bengal Lancers. A uniform headdress tin with carrying handle.


A tin headdress carrying case for an officer of the 15th Bengal Lancers (Cureton’s Multanis), oval approximately 15 x 12ins with a height with the handle laid flat of 17ins. The tin is in good condition, the lid opening to reveal an unfitted interior painted blue/green and with a chain to support the open lid. There are traces of an owner’s name on the front slope of the lid but the painted lettering has left only a shadow reading “CAPT H A …..”. The tin appears to have still been in use during the second world war as the layers of lining Indian newspaper in the bottom report tributes to Gandhi and activities of the German navy. Although the tin does not have the typical brass name plate of a British one the stamped brass lock plate shows the regimental badge along with the name Aligarh – a north Indian city with strong military connections and known as the City of Locks for its special association with the manufacture of high quality locks. jan27/1

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