19th century decorative court sword, Paraguay


The court sword has a 77cm, 30¼ ins blade of triangular section with a single fuller running the full length of the back and there are no markings on it. The cast and chased hilt mounts are elaborately decorated and well made, the only very distinctive motif being a lion  with a Phrygian or liberty cap on a pole behind and a star above,  in the centre of the guard. This device indicates a Paraguan origin for the swoed.  The heavy cast mounts and the mother of pearl plates to the hilt are also to be seen on various European court swords, especially those of France and Austria. Only the upper 45cm of the original leather scabbard remains but it does retain the locket and frog button. We are indebted to a friend with an encyclopaedic knowledge of swords for identifying this one.       apr1/1

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