36th SIKHS. An officer’s scarlet tunic of the period 1903-1922.


The officer’s scarlet tunic of the 36th Sikhs shows some evidence of wear but is in good overall condition with just two small holes [shown in our illustrations on the rear of the collar and to the cloth just below the front right collar]. The buttons, eight large to the front, six to the rear, and two small to the epaulettes  have the design of the regimental  XXXVI SIKHS  within a pair a pair of quoits, surmounted by a Tudor crown and surrounded by a laurel wreath, These carry the backmark ARMY & NAVY Co. The facings are yellow and the epaulettes carry the two Bath stars of a lieutenant. The lining is unusually sound and clean although we can only read the last letters of the name label, adday. Following the 1922 reforms the regiment became a battalion of the 11th Sikhs.   nov21/2

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