76th Regiment of Foot, a good cdv of a young officer in the late 1860s


A very good, well toned carte de visite by B. T. Bowers, 23 Southgate Street, Gloucester & Stroud showing a young officer of the 76th Regiment of Foot, circa late 1860s, shortly before the regiment went out to India where it seved from 1870 to 1876. His last pattern shako on the table clearly shows the regimental number: this headdress was replaced by the home pattern blue cloth helmet in 1871. The regiment was to be amalgamated with the 33rd Foot  in the reforms of 1881 when they became battalions of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. The 76th was raised in 1787 by Sir Thomas Musgrave who was its colonel until 1812. The funds for raising it came from the profits of the East India Company  and it saw its first service there, receiving the battle honour Hindoostan. It was to wear the Assaye elephant on its buttons and some of its badges.      jn5/1

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