A Coldstream Guards officer’s memento brought home after the capture of Alexandria in 1891


A quirky little piece of paper which o=is shown to have once contained [now missing] A Small Piece of the Rock of Gibraltar, G. Sedley…. The other side of the paper has a note in the hand of Thomas Webb Edge reading: A small fragment of the Rock at Gibraltar brought from there by Captn. George Sedley on his return from Egypt after the capture of Alexandria in 1801.  George Sedley appears in the Army List 1802 in the Coldstream Guards.  sep13/2

Provenance: This was acquired with other ephemera from the house sale by Henry Spencer & Sons at Strelley Hall, Nottingham. 22-24 November 1978 from the estate of the late Miss E. M. Edge.  We believe this note was probably written by Thomas Webb Edge who collected numerous quirky mementos which he annotated and kept in folded pieces of paper.  One can imagine him entertaining interesting people who had been on campaigns and travelled far and gave him these little trinkets.

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