Admission ticket to the Trial of Warren Hastings, 1793


Engraved admission ticket for the 96th Day of the Impeachment Trial of Warren Hastings, the former Governor General of India, in the House of Lords. 8¼ x 6¾ ins [210 x 167 mm]. This example, valid for 19th February 1793, is signed Samuel, St Davids  beneath a red wax impression of his seal showing an armorial shield beneath a bishop’s mitre. There are a few very small holes in the paper but the ticket is basically sound. These admission tickets were highly sought  after at the time and some changed hands for what were then enormous sums like £50. Gilray produced satirical caricatures of the ticket and principal managers of the trial. A contemporary book on the trial giving a day by day account of proceedings can be found elsewhere on the website.            apr17/1

Warren Hastings  [1732-1818] went to Calcutta in 1750, rising eventually to become the first Governor General of India in 1773. His impeachment trial for maladministration began in February 1788 and concluded after 145 days with his acquittal.

Samuel Horsley [1733-1806] was appointed Bishop of St. Davids in 1788 and later in 1793 he was translated to the see of Rochester.

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