Afghanistan. A medal for the 1878-80 war awarded to a 15th Hussar


An excellent example of a 2nd Afghan War Medal with correctly engraved upright naming in capitals to 1181 LCE.. CORPL.. S. BARLOW. 15TH.. HUSSRS.. retaining a small length of ribbon. The 15th Hussars was one of the few British cavalry regiments taking part in this war in country that was not ideally suited to cavalry. I find it difficult to photograph the naming but the illustration gives an idea of it. I have had this medal for decades but have not researched it. The medal has one of the most interesting reverses of the Indian campaign medals in having a fine pictorial scene, along with the earlier Punjab Medal. It is also the first Indian medal to use the straight bar suspension and the only one using this bust of Victoria.   mar16

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