An 1806 large engraving of William Pitt after Gainsborough by William Bromley


A large engraving of the well known Gainsborough portrait showing the Prime Minister standing by a desk and holding a Bill in his right hand. The portrait has had some old restoration and is mounted on a protective card. It was engraved by William Bromley and published in London by Robert F Boeyer. The repairs are mainly to marginal tears of which only a very few had extended into the printed area. The engraving retains plate marks, measuring 19 x 29ins to that point, and a further margin of over an inch, The portrait was engraved in the year of Pitt’s death in office. Pitt’s India Bills of 1784 established the complicated rule of India by Crown and Company which was to endure until the Mutiny of 1857.

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