Archangel /Arkangelsk. A ,ocally taken portrait of a British diplomatd, 1895


A Russisn cabinet card, by a local photographer, Ya Lentsinger in Archangel /Arkangelsk, shows Henry Arthur Cook [1862 – 1946] three quarter length in British Diplomatic Service uniform with sword and two medals. one certainly Russian. Having been educated at Cambridge University he was appointed in 1907, rising to be Consul General in Odessa in 1919. The card is inscribed on the reverse To Captain Adie (s /s Ivy) from Henry Cooke. Archangel, August 1895. It is in a contemporary wooden frame, almost certainly carved locally in the Russian Far East. The frame measures 9 x 8 ins [23 x 20.5 cm] and appears to be carved from a single piece of wood.  jan26/7

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