1st Imperial Light Horse. Boer War portrait of a Trooper with paperwork


A degraded cabinet portrait by D Whyte, Inverness showing Trooper Donald Char;es Cameron full length wearing service dress uniform of the 1st Imperial Light Horse with his Queen’s South African medal. Although the photograph has had a hard life it comes with a few interesting items of paperwork: a form which should have been returned for his King’s South African medal, his Discharge Certificate confirming his discharge at Cape Town, a copy of a newspaper article of 1921 about The Camerons of Glen Nevis, a railway permit from Durban, a photocopy of a better example of the photograph. The cabinet card itself has brief cutting about his death [he perished in Alberta in Canada in snowstorm] and on the back is longer obituary.   feb11/3

The Imperial Light Horse was raised in South Africa for service in the Boer War and finally disbnded in 1907. Winston Churchill served with them as a lieutenant.